Best pilonidal sinus treatment in jaipur

Best Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in jaipur | Pilonidal sinus surgery

Disease of young hairy males and scars near the tailbone. pilonidal sinus treatment in jaipur has a high tendency to recur people who sit for prolonged period of time, such as truck drivers, are at higher risk of developing Pilonidal Sinus.

What is pilonidal sinus?

A pilonidal sinus is an abnormal pocket of skin that typically has hair and skin debris inside of it. A pilonidal sinus is nearly always found at the top of the cleft of the buttocks, close to the tailbone.

Pilonidal sinus typically develops as a result of hair poking the skin and becoming entrenched. An abscess that results from an infected pilonidal sinus is frequently quite painful. A small incision can be used to drain the sinus, or it can be completely removed.

Young men are most frequently affected by pilonidal sinus, and the condition is prone to recurring. Long-term sedentary individuals, like truck drivers, are more likely to acquire pilonidal sinus.

Symptoms of pilonidal sinus

Consult your doctor if you experience any pilonidal cyst symptoms. By analysing the lesion, he or she can determine the illness.

Typically, a procedure that may be completed in your doctor's office is used as the first line of treatment for an infected pilonidal cyst. Your doctor performs a small incision to drain the cyst after injecting local anaesthesia. You might require a more involved surgical operation to completely remove the cyst if it returns, which is common.

Risk factors for Pilonidal Sinus:

  • Male Sex
  • Younger age (people in 20's)
  • Obesity
  • Inactive life style
  • Occupation requiring prolonged sitting
  • Excess body hair
  • Stiff hair

The second most comman reoccurring disease after surgical treatment. Difficult to treat c surgery only.

Pilonidal Sinus c not a cyst or sinus of skin only but it is actually a infective lumbosacral fasciitis.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques. Ony Z-Plasty is sufficient enough for Pilonidal Sinus treatment.

Ans. No - a big no.

Ques. Is Pilonidal sinus is only because hairy back?

Ans. No, Again a big no.

Ques. Is Pilonidal sinus a simple cyst or sinus of skin?

Ans. No, So many no then what is "yes"

Ques. Is Pilonidal sinus is treatable?

Ans. "Yes"

Educate yourself about your doctors qualification and training. Consult the right person to get it right.

Comprehensive care for pilonidal sinus:

  • Surgery
  • Range of lasers
  • Post surgery case

Get Best pilonidal sinus treatment in jaipur , Our Experience of succesfully treating more than 300 cases of pilonidal sinus in last 20 years by all available modiloties under one roof, Cosmo-care by Dr. Jagdeep Rao, one of pioneers in successful treatment of pilonidal sinus disease.

Pitfall which leads to reoccurrence of pilonidal sinus:

  • Inadequate exploration
  • Inadequate planning of surgery and post surgical care
  • Closed mind, closed roads - post surgery
  • Inadequate exertion i.e Removal of tract only
  • Inadequate
    • Z plasty for pilonidal sinus
    • Z-plasty without indication
    • Supercritical Z-plasty
  • Z-plasty or flap surgery not involving upper 1/3rd of natal cleft.

Best Treatment Options for Pilonidal Sinus:

- Pilomidal sinus treatment is pure plastic surgeons domain

An Interactive lambo-serial fascitis - Pilonidal Sinus:

- Requires multimodality treatment for complete care and prevention of resources.

Plastic Surgical Procedures:

  • Complete excision of infected combo-several fascia
  • Obliteration of site of har collection i.s Obolition of upper natal cleft
  • Abortion of hair - laser therapy

a) Complete excision of pilomical sinus surgery requries adequate exposure to exercise the infected lumo-scarel fascia.

b) Z-plasty/Limberg's flap:- The aim of flap surgery is not cosmetic but to obliterate the upper 1/3rd of natal claft to prevent the resources of pilonidal sinus.

c) Post operative patient requires removal of hairs to prevent the resonance of pilo-idal sinus which is done at cosmo-care with excellent results.

pilonidal sinus

Clinical Procedures

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pilonidal sinus operation
pilonidal sinus surgery
pilonidal sinus treatment

Detection of pilonidal sinus

A pilonidal sinus forms a bloated mass when it becomes infected (abscess). The following are symptoms and signs of an infected pilonidal sinus:

  • Pain
  • Skin reddening
  • Blood or pus leaking from a skin hole
  • A foul odour from pus draining

Our surgeon will help you to:

1). Leave the wound open after surgery. This technique is leaving the surgery wound open and dressing-packed so that it can heal internally. Longer healing times but typically a lower risk of recurrent pilonidal sinus infections are the results of this process.

2). Use stitches to bind the wound. With this option, recovery takes less time, but the likelihood of recurrence is higher. One area of the buttocks where recovery is particularly challenging is the side of the cleft, where some surgeons choose to make the incision.

Following surgery, it's crucial to take care of the wounds. Your medical professional will provide you with guidance on how to change dressings, what to anticipate during the course of a typical healing process, and when to contact them. You may also need to shave around the surgical site to prevent hairs from entering the wound.

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